As the only laboratory in France labeled MEASNET, and accredited by COFRAC, the CSTB guides professionals towards success in their projects involving the use of wind as a resource. This requires a reliable and accurate anemometer calibration. The specialists rely on their expertise in climatology, and on their cutting-edge equipment: special on-site sensors and a dedicated wind tunnel, known as the µSE wind tunnel, in Nantes (France).

µSE wind tunnel
CSTB’s µSE wind tunnel in Nantes

The calibration of anemometers is performed at the CSTB’s µSE wind tunnel in Nantes, in compliance with the IEC 61400-12-1:2005/Appendix F standard and the MEASNET procedure. They are accredited in accordance with the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard by COFRAC, the French national accreditation body. The scope is available on the website www.cofrac.fr, n°2-1930.

The CSTB is a member of MEASNET (MEASuring NETworks of Wind Energy Institutes), an international network for harmonized and recognized measurements in wind energy. The CSTB is one of the nine international laboratories of MEASNET committed to the quality of anemometer calibration and a uniform interpretation of the standards and regulations. The periodic performance of round-robin tests verifies the robustness of the procedures.

A precise and reliable measurement of wind speed is essential. Any variation in the estimated wind level can, indeed, have a very significant impact on the safety of people and property, or on the operating outcomes of a wind farm.


Dr. Maeva Sabre
Ingénieur, responsable de la soufflerie µSE
+33 (0)2 40 37 20 18

Pour ses activités d'étalonnage d'anémomètre, le CSTB est labellisé MEASNET et accrédité COFRAC.