Under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the CSTB is a notified body (NB) authorized by the French government at the European level to carry out assessment and verification of the constancy of performance of numerous construction products for the purpose of CE marking.

The CSTB is also designated as a Technical Assessment Body (TAB). As such, it is authorized to draft European Assessment Documents and to issue European Technical Assessments.

Step 1

First, the applicant must consult the list of CE marking application areas with which the CSTB is involved:

In the event that no application is available but the product is part of a family of products for which the CSTB is notified and authorized, a request may be submitted by e-mail: ariane@cstb.fr

The scope of notification of the CSTB is available at the NANDO website of the European Commission.

Step 2

In a second phase, the applicant must review the conditions for obtaining and maintaining a certificate for the purpose of the CE marking being requested:

The pre-completed letter of request and the list of documents required for review of the request are available in the special conditions appendix of the relevant category.