Reference Product
CE57 Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar CE
CE14 Bitumen damp proof sheets including bitumen basement tanking sheets CE
CE66 Cements and other hydraulic bonding CE
CE46 Combined wood-metal lighting column CE
CE50 Decorative wall coverings CE
CE17 External thermal insulation composite systems with rendering intended for the thermal insulation of building walls CE
CE18 Fastenings for systems of mechanically fastened flexible roof waterproofing membranes CE
CE42 Fibres for concrete CE
CE52 Fire hydrants CE
CE55-1 Fire protective products CE
CE55-2 Fire stopping and fire sealing products CE
CE76 Kits for external wall claddings mechanically fixed CE
CE05 Masonry mortar CE
CE75 Masonry units CE
CE41 Non load-bearing permanent shuttering kits/systems based on hollow blocks or panels of insulating materials and sometimes concrete CE
CE03 Non-structural anchors CE
CE22 Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows CE
CE35 Pillar fire hydrants CE
CE72 Plastic and rubber damp proof sheets including plastic and rubber basement tanking sheet CE
CE24 Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing CE
CE70 Pre-fabricated wood-based loadbearing stressed skin panels CE
CE64-13 Precast concrete products - Foundation elements CE
CE64-11 Precast concrete products - Masts and poles CE
CE64-12 Precast concrete products - Special roof elements CE
CE58 Precast concrete products — Beam-and-block floor systems - Expanded polystyrene-based blocks for formwork and lightweight blocks for simple formwork CE
CE64-8 Precast concrete products — Beams CE
CE64-10 Precast concrete products — Box culverts CE
CE64-2 Precast concrete products — Floor plates for floor systems CE
CE64-4 Precast concrete products — Hollow core slabs for floors CE
CE64-3 Precast concrete products — Linear structural elements CE
CE64-5 Precast concrete products — Precast concrete bridge elements CE
CE64-6 Precast concrete products — Retaining wall CE
CE64-9 Precast concrete products — Ribbed floor elements CE
CE64-7 Precast concrete products — Stairs CE
CE64-1 Precast concrete products — Wall elements CE
CE45 Prefabricated building units for multi-storey buildings CE
CE19 Prefabricated structural members CE
CE10 Reaction to fire of suspended ceilings CE
CE13 Reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing CE
CE30 Resilient floor coverings CE
CE20 Sealant for structural sealant glazing systems CE
CE56 Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels CE
CE38 Smoke and heat control systems - Fume extractor fans and heat CE
CE01 Structural anchors CE
CE02 Structural and non-structural repair CE
CE68 Structural elements in steel aluminium CE
CE69 Surface protection systems for concrete CE
CE16 Surfaces for sports areas - Indoor surfaces for multi-sports use CE
CE31 Textile floor coverings CE
CE71 Three-dimensional nailing plates CE