In order to simplify the current certification scene in the construction sector and maximize the legibility of benchmarks for the quality, performance and reliability of products, services and stakeholders, the CSTB is launched QB - Quality in Building at the end of 2015. This new certification mark will gradually replace the following marks: CSTBat, CSTBat Service, Certifié CSTB Certified, CSTB Compétence and UPEC CSTB.

The excellence and impartiality of the certification process and the level of certification requirements form the basis of the technical added value of QB certification, thus contributing to the continuous reliability of product quality.

The QB mark supports professionals by highlighting the quality of their products, services and skills.

It certifies the compliance of products with conditions set out in certification reference systems, which are established through the participation of all stakeholders. These conditions come from commonly accepted standards and include additional requirements that take into account the needs of users or add value to products.

As a certification body, the CSTB performs all certification operations, from the development of reference documents to the issuance of certificates and monitoring of certificate holders. It determines the terms of use for the QB mark, which are described in the "Certification Rules for the Mark".

Le CSTB définit les conditions dans lesquelles la marque QB est délivrée aux demandeurs, maintenue aux titulaires, suspendue ou retirée. Ces conditions sont décrites dans le référentiel de certification.


QB: The CSTB certification mark for quality in the construction industry

An information campaign supports the deployment of the QB mark, with a variety of content deployed in print and digital media.

A communication kit is available to stakeholders who want to increase the mark's visibility.

QB communication website

Products assessed

Reference Product
QB02-01  RT02P Prestressed concrete beams
QB02-02 Pre-slabs
QB02-03  RT02D Hollow core slabs
QB02-04  RT02E Linear structural elements made of concrete
QB03  RT03 Profiled plates for steel-concrete composite floors
QB04  RT06 Windows for sloping roofs
QB05  RT07 Thermal insulation composite and sandwich panels
QB06  RT08 Pointing materials for plasterboard
QB07  RT09 Masonry walls and related masonry units
QB08  RT15 Water supply or drainage piping
QB09  RT17 Sewerage
QB10  RT19 Hose fittings
QB11-01  EP1 Adhesives for tiles
QB11-02  EP7 Floor finishes
QB11-03  EP9 Single-layer plaster mortars
QB11-04  RT21 Thin layer mortars for small masonry units
QB11-05 Water protection systems under tiles
QB12  RT24 Glass fibre meshes for façade renderings
QB13  RT34 Block slabs or grooved plates for floor heating and cooling systems
QB14  RT40 Thin soundproofing underlayers
QB15  EP11 Built-up cladding products, vetures, cladding products, soffit products
QB16  EP12 Adhesives for thermoplastic piping
QB17  EP13 Fibre-cement slates
QB19  EP4 Pre-insulated piping
QB22  RT25 Water treatment in the building
QB23  RT41 Insulating material made of in situ sprayed polyurethane
QB24  EP2 Water network in the building
QB25  EP14 Underlays
QB28  EP15 Products facilitating accessibility and independent living
QB33-01 Covering products (lacquers and laminating foils)
QB33-02 Covered profiles (lacquered profiles and laminated profiles)
QB34 Vinyl compounds and their manufacture for PVC window profiles
QB35 Ventilated Hip and Ridge
QB36 Flexible Materials
QB37  RT35 Humidity-controlled ventilation system
QB38 Underlays
QB39  RT14 Solar systems
QB40  RT11 Ducts
QB42 Sandwich panels
QB44 Steel reinforcements for window products
QB48 Windows installation service
QB49 Aluminium profiles with thermal barrier