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Sanitary components
Normes applicables :
  • NF EN 14 124
  • NF EN 14 055
  • NF EN 1253-1

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • According to Standards NF EN 14124 and NF EN 14055 (inlet valves and outlet valves):
  • • a satisfactory flow rate and interchangeable during installation
  • • reliability and durability (satisfactory operation after 200,000 opening/closing cycles)
  • • quiet filling, backflow water pollution not possible, no water hammer when shut off for the inlet valves
  • • efficient water use for the outlet valves
  • • Other characteristics : Resistance to alternating pressures for the inlet valves and valve
  • seal ageing and quality of the coating for the outlet valves
  • According to Standard NF EN 1253-1 (gullies with water seal >50mm) : clogging prevention, leak tightness, mechanical load
  • capacity and thermal resistance, drainage flow rate, trap seal.
  • For connection elements: compatibility of use for materials, appropriate dimensions suited to connect
  • elements to devices, sturdiness in use, watertight connection.
  • For gullies with water seal <50mm and gullies with mechanical seal : same characteristics as gullies with water seal > 50mm



Date Name Type Format
2021-03-18 Référentiel NF076 rév. 12 Referential PDF
2021-03-18 Annexe administrative NF076 rév. 12 Referential PDF
2021-03-18 Annexe technique NF076 rév. 12 Referential PDF
2018-09-01 NF076-DT01 : Spécifications complémentaires Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-02 rév. 11 : Robinets flotteurs Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-03 rév. 11 : Mécanismes de vidage Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-04 rév. 11 : Siphons et caniveaux avec garde d'eau Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-05 rév. 00 : Siphons à obturation mécanique Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-06 rév. 01 : Eléments de raccordement Referential PDF
2021-03-18 Reference system NF076 rev. 12 Referential PDF
2021-03-18 Administrative appendix NF076 rev. 12 Referential PDF
2021-03-18 Technical appendix NF076 rev. 12 Referential PDF
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2021-03-18 DT076-02 rev. 11: Inlet valves Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-03 rev. 11: Outlet valves Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-04 rev. 11: Gullies and gutters with water seal Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-05 rev. 00: Gullies with mechanical seal Referential PDF
2021-03-18 DT076-06 rev. 01: Connection elements Referential PDF
2020-06-03 Additif applicable à l'ensemble des référentiels_révision01 Referential PDF
2020-06-03 Addendum applicable to all reference systems_revision01 Referential PDF
2020-05-19 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

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2020-05-15 Charte des membres de comités PDF
2021-06-14 Liste des membres du comité NF076 PDF
2020-09-01 Candidature pour un poste de membre de comité PDF