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Intitulé :
Expanded polystyrene-based blocks for formwork and lightweight blocks for simple formwork
Normes applicables :
  • NF EN 15037-4
  • NF EN 15037-5

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • - The class of mechanical strength of formwork blocks
  • - Optional : Reaction to fire: Euroclass when referred to by the holder
  • - The mechanical strength
  • - For lightweight blocks for simple formwork:
  • o Sensitivity to temperature, if applicable,
  • o Sensitivity to humidity, if applicable.
  • - The dimensions of formwork blocks and form compatibility with the beams
  • - The thermal conductivity "λ" of the material and the thermal performance of the targeted floor assemblies
  • in the case of EPS blocks and lightweight blocks for simple formwork with a claimed thermal performance



Date Name Type Format
2022-09-01 Référentiel de certification NF547-rév01 Referential PDF
2022-09-01 Document Technique n°547-01-rév01 Other PDF
2022-09-01 annexes-administratives-nf547-rev01 Other PDF
2022-09-01 annexe-technique-nf547-rev01 Other PDF
2023-11-10 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

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2020-05-15 Charte des membres de comités PDF
2023-11-22 Composition comité particulier NF 547 N°8 PDF
2020-09-01 Candidature pour un poste de membre de comité PDF