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Flexible Materials

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • - Composition of the compound
  • - Identification of the compound via physico-chemical characteristics.
  • That are, density, hardness (ShoreA), color coordinates: L*, a* and b* (CIE Lab), IR analysis,
  • thermogravimetric analysis and compression set value at elevated temperature (according the Grade).
  • - A working temperature range: Grade 5=[-25°C;+70°C] and/or Grade 4=[-25°C;+100].
  • Option: Choice of environmental characteristic that is "percent of recycled materials included"



Date Name Type Format
2018-01-02 Référentiel de certification - Certification reference system Referential PDF
2020-04-01 Document Technique 36-01 Révision01 - Technical Document 36-01 Revision01 Referential PDF
2018-01-02 Annexe de gestion administrative de la certification - Certification system administrative management appendix Referential PDF
2018-03-30 Conductibilité Thermique des Matières Souples / Thermal Conductivity of the Flexible Materials Other PDF
2022-01-05 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

Comité particulier

Date Name Format
2020-05-15 Charte des membres de comités PDF
2023-03-07 liste-des-membres-du-comite-qb36 PDF
2020-09-01 Candidature pour un poste de membre de comité PDF