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Sandwich panels

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • According to CSTB 3731 Specifications or Appendix E from NF EN 14509 standard or XP P34-900/CN National Annex
  • • The span tables of sandwich panels used as roofing (resistance to wind loads and snow loads);
  • • The load tables of sandwich panels used as cladding (resistance to wind loads);
  • According to CSTB 3725 Specifications
  • • Resistance to seismic actions;
  • According to TH-U rules calculation (Fascicules 1 to 5) or NF EN 14509 Standard
  • • The thermal performance (Uc, ψ);
  • According to tthe standards NF P 34-301, NF EN 10169+A1 or ETPM
  • • The application field depending on the external and internal atmospheres;
  • According to NF EN ISO 10140-2 and NF EN ISO 10140
  • • Acoustic criteria (optional).



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