Référence :
Intitulé :
External doors made of PVC, aluminium, steel and composites
Normes applicables :
  • NF EN 14351-1+A1

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • - According to Product Standard NF EN 14351-1+A1:
  • Mechanical resistance and mechanical durability/operability
  • Impact resistance
  • Stiffness (behaviour when subjected to solar radiaton, temperature gradient)
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • - According to complementary specifications:
  • ACOTHERM rating
  • A*E*V* (Air*Water*Wind*) rating



Date Name Type Format
2012-09-12 Référentiel en date du 12/09/2012 Referential PDF
2015-04-07 Brochure Other PDF
2015-01-01 Réglement ACOTHERM du 01/01/2016 Other PDF
2022-01-05 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

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