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Built-up cladding products, vetures, cladding products and soffit products
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Caractéristiques certifiées

  • According Reference, depending on produict family
  • Composition
  • Dimension
  • Mechanical properties
  • Conformity to assessment of suitability for use of the system



Date Name Type Format
2023-08-04 Referentiel_QB15_rev04_04082023 Referential PDF
2023-08-04 Annexe_Gest_Adm_QB15_rev04_04082023 Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-01_rev02_bardages _04082023 Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-02_rev01_vetures_04082023 Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-03_rev01_Normes_Essais_04082023 Referential PDF
2023-08-04 Referentiel_QB15_rev04_04082023_VA Referential PDF
2023-08-04 Annexe_Gest_Admm_QB15_rev04_04082023_VA Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-01_rev02_bardages _04082023_VA Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-02_rev01_vetures_04082023_VA Referential PDF
2023-08-04 DT15-03_rev01-nom_test04082023_VA Referential PDF
2022-01-05 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

Comité particulier

Date Name Format
2020-05-15 Charte des membres de comités PDF
2023-05-29 liste membres comité n° 19 PDF
2020-09-01 Candidature pour un poste de membre de comité PDF

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