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Textile floor coverings
Normes applicables :
Selon la norme NF EN 1307 Revêtements de sol textiles

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • According to Product Standard NF EN 1307+A1:
  • - Identification characteristics
  • - Fibre composition of the use surface
  • - Total mass per unit area*
  • - Effective mass per unit area*
  • - Total thickness*
  • - Nominal values stated by the manufacturer
  • According to Standards NF EN ISO 10140 and NF EN ISO 354:
  • - Acoustic performance (optional): Impact sound insulation, Sound absorption
  • - Sound absorption during walking test, class A
  • According to complementary specifications:
  • - UPEC rating (wear-puncturing)
  • * These characteristics avec more stringent tolerances than those of the product standard NF EN 1307+A1



Date Name Type Format
2023-06-01 Référentiel de Certification QB 31 - Revêtements de sol textiles - Rev06 Referential PDF
2023-06-01 Annexe Administrative QB 31 - Revêtements de sol textiles - Rev06 Referential PDF
2023-06-01 Document technique 99031-01 - Rev01 Other PDF
2023-06-01 Lettres types - QB 31 Other PDF
2023-11-10 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

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