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Polycarbonate Materials System
Normes applicables :
NF EN 16153+A1: 18 Avril 2015

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • - Composition of the Polycarbonate Materials System (PMS)
  • - Durability of the "Polycarbonate Materials System" following simulated exposure to the simultaneous stresses
  • of sunlight, the temperature and weathering (in conformity with the §4.6.2 of the standard EN 16153+A1: 2015)
  • with the choice of one class among the following classes as follows:
  • deltaE (3200h, colorless tone); deltaA (5700h; colorless tone); deltaF (3200h; colored tone); deltaD (5700h; colored tone)
  • - The UV-absorbers content of the material intended for the manufacture of the protective layer against UV radiations.
  • - The consistency of the manufacturing quality of the "Polycarbonate Materials System" including a rate of recycled materials.



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2022-05-01 Référentiel de certification QB51 : Système de Matières Polycarbonate, rév.n°01 / QB51 Certification reference System: Polycarbonate Materials System, rev01 Referential PDF
2022-05-01 Document Technique n°99051-01 rév.01 / Technical Document No.99051-01 rev01 Referential PDF
2022-05-01 Annexe de gestion administrative de la certification QB 51 rév.n°01 / QB51 certification system administrative management appendix rev.01 Referential PDF
2021-02-15 Lettre Type 1 (Admission) / Standard Letter 1 (Admission) Other DOC
2021-02-15 Lettre Type 2 (Extension) / Standard Letter 2 (Extension) Other DOC
2021-02-15 Fiche Type 1 (Site) / Standard Sheet 1 (Site) Other DOC
2021-02-15 Fiche Type 2 (PMS) / Standard Sheet 2 (PMS) Other DOC
2021-03-15 Fiche Type 3 / Standard Sheet 3 (Process) Other DOC
2022-06-01 Fiche Type 4 (Echantillonnage) / Standard Sheet 4 (Sampling) Other DOC
2022-01-05 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

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