Référence :
Intitulé :
System for the treatment of joints between panels in wall/ceiling structures
Normes applicables :
  • NF EN 13963,
  • NF DTU 25.41 P1-2,
  • NF DTU 25.42 P1-2

Caractéristiques certifiées

  • Resistance to cracking
  • Efficient adhesion of the tape associated with the jointing compound after seven days' drying
  • Flexural strength in dry state: breaking load ≥ 30 daN
  • Complementary characteristics in the case of hydrophobised compounds:
  • - Surface water absorption after 2 hours' immersion of the compound.
  • - Water uptake after 2 hours' immersion of the compound.
  • For broader use: certified characteristics compliant with the specifications in the Technical Assessment referred to.
  • Realization of tests by a laboratory recognized by the certification:
  • -Partial tests every 6 years



Date Name Type Format
2022-01-03 Référentiel QB 06 n°07 Referential PDF
2022-01-03 Gestion Administrative-Annexe QB 06 n°07 Referential PDF
2022-01-03 Document Technique 2 QB06 révision 00 Referential PDF
2023-02-01 Document Technique 1 QB06 révision 01 Referential PDF
2022-01-05 Addendum applicable to all reference systems managed by CSTB Referential PDF

Comité particulier

Date Name Format
2020-05-15 Charte des membres de comités PDF
2022-06-16 Liste des Membres du Comite QB06 n°20 PDF
2020-09-01 Candidature pour un poste de membre de comité PDF

Appel à candidature

CSTB is looking for new members in the"Users / Specifiers / Consumers" and "Experts / TechnicalOrganizations / Laboratories" colleges of the QB 06 Committee. Is yourorganization a user, specifier or expert in systems used for the treatment ofsealants between plasterboard? Please can send your application to Augustine FERY (augustine.fery@cstb.fr)