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ECAU classification

Find the tapware you need at a glance. This is what ECAU classification offers for sanitary tapware.

Make easy choices with ECAU classification based on 4 performance criteria, represented by icons and the A-to-D rating scale (A is the best).

ECAU classification offers for sanitary tapware

These performance criteria let you choose your tapware based on water saving, hot water energy saving, sound level and sturdiness that determines life expectancy.


The ECAU label indicates the four performance criteria of the classification, represented by pictograms and the A-to-D rating scale (A is the top classification).

Ecau: Economizing Water

Technical criterion E characterizes Economizing Water based on faucet flow rate. It depends on the criterion C results.

Washbasin / bidet / sink faucets

Bath-shower / shower faucets
eCau: Comfort and Energy Savings

Performance criterion C represents two characteristics summarized in one letter and covers more than the other ECAU classifications: ergonomics, water and energy saving systems (reducing the volume of hot water results in lower electricity consumption).

Performance criterion C depends on the tapware design

Performance criterion C

Performance criterion C also depends on the type of faucet and its use

Washbasin / bidet

Bathshower / shower faucets

Sink faucets
ecAu: Noise Level

Performance criterion A specifies the noise level of the tapware.

Noise level
ecaU: Wear

Performance criterion U corresponds to the service life of moving parts of the faucet.

Service life of moving parts of the faucet

Benefits to businesses and consumers


The performance levels for sanitary tapware are adapted to each construction project based on the requirements of your customers, levels of quality in your calls for tender and the specific operating environment.


ECAU lets you choose at a glance products that meet all your requirements for water saving, hot water energy saving, acoustic comfort and life expectancy.

Choosing an ECAU-rated product means getting one that meets all your requirements, on all levels.

Products with ECAU classification

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Technical documents ECAU Classification and/or EChAU by type of product:

  • Single taps and mixer tap (NF077 DT2)
  • Automatic shut-off valves (NF077 DT5)
  • Mechanical mixing valves (NF077 DT3)
  • Thermostatic mixing valves (NF077 DT3)
  • Electronic valves (NF077 DT13)
  • Shower hoses extractable handspay hoses (NF077 DT8)
  • Extractable handsprays (NF077 DT6)
  • Shower outlets (NF077 DT7)
  • Drainage devices (NF077 DT9)