Floors are a major concern for the design and use of industrial buildings as they are subject to mechanical (loads, sliding, shocks, rolling) and chemical stress.

The P/MC classification characterizes the mechanical and chemical performance of the floor in relation to these predominant stress conditions. Like the UPEC classification for floors used primarily for foot traffic, this classification is a tool for evaluating the fitness for use of a floor rated P/MipruC in industrial premises rated I/MipruC.

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The classification reports specify the classification of the tested covering (comprised and made as described in the appendix to the same report). The test report indicates all of the performance levels obtained, including with respect to any special stresses required (also including grip on a dry and wet surface).

For reasons of confidentiality, the CSTB cannot disclose the test reports of the beneficiaries of this classification; these are available directly from the beneficiaries.

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