The UPEC classification

Classification of premises

Premises are divided into eleven categories, corresponding to different levels of severity of use:

  1. Housing
  2. Civil & administrative buildings
  3. Trains stations and Airports
  4. Shops
  5. Hotels & Holidays
  6. Schools
  7. Hospitals
  8. Medical houses
  9. Retirement homes
  10. Sports buildings
  11. Kitchens & restaurants

These premises have sub-divisions, with each part having a classification that depends on the use. This classification is based on four types of stress:

U. for Wear P. for Puncturing E. for Water Resistance C. for Chemicals
Wear from pedestrians Falling objects, moving furniture, rolling chairs and handling equipment Behavior in water Resistance to stains and chemicals

To guide your search, the document To guide your search, the document “Notice on the U.P.E.C. classification of premises” (CSTB ssHandbook no. 3782), provides all of the premises classification tables.

Product classifications

Each premises classification corresponds to a product assessment and classification.

Obtaining a UPEC classification is a voluntary procedure that highlights products that are suitable for the premises where they will be used.

The UPEC classification means the product meets the expectations of industry professionals and customers, all of whom are directly associated with the development of reference systems (classification of premises and reference system).

The UPEC classification means the product complies with the rules of use of the mark.

For traditional floor coverings, the UPEC classification is assigned as part of the certification or approval process.

For non-traditional floor coverings, the Technical Appraisal or Technical Application Document determines the fitness for use in premises according to the UPEC classification.

Products with the UPEC classification

Products subject to Technical Appraisals or Technical Application Documents

  • Resin-based poured floor coverings
  • Reconstituted stones
  • Rubber floor coverings
  • Underlayments for floor coverings, etc.

These Technical Appraisals or Technical Application Documents are issued by Specialized Group no. 12 of the Commission Responsible for Issuing Technical Appraisals and Technical Application Documents.