The CSTB & you

Focusing on VSEs/SMEs and startups, ARIANE works with creators of innovative processes or services in the construction sector.

With ARIANE, you benefit from:

  • attentive advisors providing guidance that fits your project,
  • support in understanding the technical-regulatory framework and market demand, and identifying the industry's stakeholders,
  • an initial technical review to connect you with the right experts in terms of R&D or assessments, depending on the development stage of your project.

VSEs/SMEs, startups


The support service is here for you


From the very first stage of the idea, get in touch with the ARIANE team. Early-stage support can help steer the project to match market demand. And, to prepare for an assessment (Technical Appraisal, Technical Experimentation Assessment, etc.), advice from ARIANE can help optimize costs and shorten the processing period.

Whether your project is in the idea, concept or R&D phase

ARIANE supports you by:

  • reviewing the project and your R&D needs,
  • identifying areas of improvement,
  • steering you towards the right CSTB team.

The CSTB's R&D experts and engineers can help you refine your idea, study the feasibility of the concept and develop the research for your innovation. They can anticipate binding regulatory constraints and market expectations in terms of assessments (Technical Appraisal, Technical Experimentation Assessment, etc.)

At the stage of prototyping, to ensure a successful market launch

ARIANE offers to:

  • review the intended usage and progress of your innovation,
  • explain the scope of the various assessment services,
  • help you target potential areas of application,
  • inform you about the steps to submit an application for support, based on the "product-usage" couple,
  • steer you towards the right CSTB experts.

The application for support is an essential step towards an assessment, to be completed by the project owner. It describes in detail the product/process, the intended usage, size and implementation recommendations, etc. The application must also include documentary proof (test reports, calculations, etc.) demonstrating compliance with current laws and regulations, fitness for purpose and the durability of the product/process implemented.

CSTB engineers and experts help you through the assessment process (Technical Experimentation Assessment, Technical Appraisal, etc.)

The technical assessment is a voluntary procedure which, for a given area of application, aims to evaluate the fitness for purpose and durability of an innovation, once it has been installed in the structures for which it is intended.
Compliance with current laws and regulations is a preliminary requirement for the product or process to be allowed on the market. Once compliance is established, the assessments offered by the CSTB serve to bolster a project but are not mandatory. They help leverage a company's development by proving the reliability and credibility of the innovative products the company hopes to sell to construction stakeholders.