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With the ID+ Développement service, the CSTB offers manufacturers early consultancy and advice to facilitate the development of new products through better access to assessment.

Imagining, manufacturing, distributing and installing a new building product for a specific use is increasingly complex for industrial VSEs/SMEs. Why? New rules of the game that came into effect with the advent of Eurocodes; Construction Products Regulation (CE marking); and French thermal, acoustic, seismic and fire regulations, which apply to all products, whether or not they are innovations.

ID+ Développement: Organize and plan the development of your product, with confidence

ID+ Développement

Offered by the CSTB, ID+ Développement supports the development of building products, making it possible to:

  • Determine the key elements for the process of gaining recognition of your innovation on the French market
  • Identify any obstacles
  • Choose the relevant test methods and/or studies
  • Gather the technical information according to an organized and streamlined roadmap, and
  • Leverage existing R&D.

How? By ensuring an accurate interpretation of the technical and regulatory context applicable to the building product, including:

  • an overview of the requirements that apply to the system, to the areas of application, and the targeted geographic market,* and
  • a full diagnosis that lists the elements of proof (tests, calculations, combined assessments, etc.) that industrial companies must provide to establish the technical file, including those for obtaining an appraisal.
  • * For industrial companies seeking to develop products for the international market, the CSTB ID+ International service provides specific guidance.

    The CSTB offers its expertise in all fields pertaining to building and also relies on a network of national experts from industrial technical centers, regional facilities, laboratories and universities.

    Stage Action Stakeholder
    1 - Definition of construction solutions Define the proposed construction solution
    Choose a target area of application
    Industrial company, SMEs, etc.
    Review of the technical and regulatory context
    Review the feasibility of the proposed solutions with respect to the target area of application (initial review)
    Identify the technical and regulatory requirements concerning the intended area of application
    List the elements of proof to be submitted
    Review existing proof and assess its relevance
    Write a summary report
    3 - Prepare the technical file Make R&D choices in light of the ID+ Développement report
    Gather additional proof by consulting with various service providers (test laboratories, technical centers, consulting firms)
    Create the technical file for an appraisal
    Industrial companies, SMEs, etc.*
    4 - Assess the technical file and draft the appraisal Assess the technical file with respect to the intended area of application
    Draft the appraisal
    Ad hoc committee
    * Under certain conditions, the CSTB may act as a service provider for some elements of proof.