The CSTB & you

With the new ID+ International service, the CSTB offers industrial companies on the international market technical support along with international coordination to promote the new solutions they bring to the building industry. The CSTB addresses the challenges faced by companies seeking to obtain local authorization simultaneously in several countries.

The CSTB: innovation driver for industrial building companies

With ID+ International, the CSTB can help industrial companies navigate foreign approval procedures thanks to a service providing information on the requirements of regulatory bodies in the countries where they want to do business. The CSTB advises them on the best strategies for those markets. Based on a unique test program, this service is a major asset for obtaining authorizations applicable in multiple countries.

Imagining, manufacturing, distributing and installing a new building product for a specific use is increasingly complex for industrial companies that distribute their products around the world.
Why? The requirements can vary greatly from one country to another for construction works and the elements of proof to be submitted for recognition of product performance.

These constraints make it all the more necessary to find ways of overcoming obstacles to obtain product approval in local markets.

ID+ International: assistance with…

  • Performing a preliminary review of potential building system performance, technical obstacles and the building market
  • Creating a complete inventory of requirements, and listing required proof based on the targeted geographical area and fitness for use
  • Reviewing existing proof, and determining new proof to be submitted
  • Determining the most suitable assessment procedures for the development of the system in the target markets
  • Meeting with approval bodies outside France to build a consensus-based, tailored assessment framework for the innovation offered
  • Communicating with approval bodies and building authorities in the countries targeted by the areas of application of the system

A la carte support in the international market


Remove obstacles to the development and use of innovative building systems internationally.

Wide-ranging expertise

ID+ International: making the expertise of the CSTB available in all fields of construction to meet the essential requirements for construction works incorporating new products and systems:

  • Mechanical resistance and stability
  • Safety in case of fire
  • Hygiene, health and the environment
  • Safety in use
  • Protection against noise
  • Energy economy and heat retention

The CSTB also uses its network of experts from industrial technical centers, laboratories and universities. It calls on expertise and advice from its international network, in Europe (EOTA, UEAtc, European projects) and beyond (North American and Chinese approval bodies).