Regulatory services

Do you need an environmental declaration in order to promote the environmental characteristics of your products?

The CSTB can prepare your environmental declarations in compliance with the NF EN 15804+A1 standard and its national supplement NF EN 15804/CN. This service is performed in three steps:

Step 1: Scoping

Definition and validation of the products that will be covered by the environmental declaration, their Functional Units and determination of their life cycle.

Identification of the available data and of other data that needs to be collected or found.

Step 2: Collecting the inventory data and conducting the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

The applicant is responsible for collecting all the data needed for the LCA, including data from its suppliers and subcontractors.

Next, the data is processed by the CSTB, using LCA software adapted for construction and decoration products.

Step 3: Drafting of the environmental declaration by the CSTB

According to your needs, the Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB offers the following additional services:

Recording and publishing on the regulatory website and in the INIES database

The entire procedure is managed on behalf of the holder of the environmental declaration.

Note: Publication of environmental declarations in the INIES database is not mandatory. However, making an environmental declaration available in the INIES database, on a website, in paper form, etc., is considered as environmental communication within the meaning of decree no. 2013-1264 dated 23 December 2013, and so this type of environmental communication must be coupled with the filing of the declaration on the regulatory website.

Establishing the framework of validity for collective declarations

For collective declarations, the framework of validity identifies the products concerned and which stakeholders can use the collective declaration; it also guarantees that all of the concerned products declare environmental impacts within the authorized variation limits.

The CSTB can prepare the framework of validity, in compliance with French regulatory requirements (*): definition of the product-type, identification of the influential parameters and sensitivity study including the range of sensitive parameters.

(*) Order of December 23, 2013 on environmental declarations regarding construction and decoration products intended for use in construction works. This validity framework has been mandatory since July 1, 2017.

Preparing the health-related section of the environmental declaration

The Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB is authorized to perform tests pertaining to requirements for declaring the discharge of hazardous substances into the air, water and soil (national supplement according to the NF EN 15804/CN standard).

The CSTB also has laboratories that can conduct tests regarding the health-related information included in the environmental declaration (tests of airborne emissions, leaching, etc.).