Regulatory services

Do you need to update your environmental declaration?

The Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB offers a service to revise your environmental declarations in compliance with the NF EN 15804+A1 standard and its national supplement NF EN 15804/CN.

This revision consists of analyzing if your environmental declaration needs to be modified, and if so, updating it.

Example (non-exhaustive list):

  • You would like to add a new product to your environmental declaration;
  • You have made a significant change to your production;
  • Your declaration is in the format of the NF P01-010 standard (note: environmental declarations currently in the NF P01-010 format, and which have been verified, are allowed to run until the end of their validity period);
  • Your declaration is at the end of its validity period.

This service may be combined with the verification of your environmental declaration.