Regulatory services

You don't have a verified environmental declaration?

The Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB can verify your environmental declarations, whether they are individual or collective.

This service consists of substantiating that the values of the environmental indicators contained in the declaration were produced in compliance with the NF EN 15804+A1 standard and its national supplement NF EN 15804/CN. This has been mandatory since July 1, 2017.

To provide this service, the CSTB has a team of auditors whose individual authority is recognized by the Supervisory Committee of the French reference database known as INIES.

This service is performed in 2 steps:

Step 1: Critical review report

Analysis and validation of the hypotheses and data presented in the project report, providing a detailed picture of the product's life cycle; and of the hypotheses and data presented in the environmental declaration.

Step 2: Issuance of a verification certificate, where applicable, indicating compliance with the verification program requirements

Environmental and health declaration program for construction products: FDES program

According to your needs, the Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB offers the following additional services:

Recording and publishing on the regulatory website and in the INIES database

The entire procedure is managed on behalf of the holder of the verified environmental declaration.

Note: Publication of environmental declarations in the INIES database is not mandatory. However, making an environmental declaration available in the INIES database, on a website, in paper form, etc., is considered as environmental communication within the meaning of decree no. 2013-1264 dated 23 December 2013, and so this type of environmental communication must be coupled with the filing of the declaration in the regulatory database.

Verification of the health-related section of the environmental declaration

The Environmental Performance Laboratory of the CSTB is authorized to perform tests pertaining to requirements for declaring the discharge of hazardous substances into the air, water and soil as stipulated in the FDES datasheet (national supplement according to the NF EN 15804/CN standard).