Regulatory services

Evaluation by an approved laboratory, as prescribed in Technical Directive (IT) No. 249 (premises open to the public, residential buildings)

Technical Directive (IT) No. 249 supplements the regulation on fire safety for premises open to the public, residential buildings and high-rise buildings. IT No. 249 sets out provisions concerning facades and their junctions with floors. Its purpose is to reduce the risk of spread of fire to higher floors or laterally by way of facades.

When project systems are not within the scope of IT No. 249, the CSTB may be consulted to demonstrate the absence of exacerbating effects compared with solutions provided for in the directive. Evaluations are performed by a laboratory based on specific knowledge, the analysis of test results and/or digital simulations.

Requests for evaluations by approved laboratories are made in accordance with articles 2.4.3 and 5.3 of Technical Directive No. 249.

Facade approval for high-rise buildings

The regulations governing fire safety in high-rise buildings require facades to comply with specific regulations, as substantiated by a body authorized to issue facade approvals, such as the CSTB.

To issue approvals, the CSTB analyzes the chosen systems in terms of materials used for the facades, calorific potential, and rules regarding vertical and horizontal distances. If necessary, it grants the requester the facade approval with a favorable evaluation and a set of endorsed implementation plans.

Requests for facade approval are made in accordance with article GH12 of the order of December 30, 2011.