3rd Ifop-CSTB innovation survey: environmental performance, a driver for innovation by construction VSEs and SMEs

The 3rd survey conducted by the Ifop for the CSTB among construction companies of less than 500 employees (VSE/SME) confirms the importance of innovation in the view of company directors, especially innovations that improve energy performance and reduce the environmental impact of materials. Survey questions on BIM examined directors’ knowledge of digital modeling tools and data modeling. Here are some key figures.

88% of directors who innovated in the past two years confirmed their intention to innovate in the coming three years.

59% of directors consider environmental performance as an advantage to promote their innovation.

26% of the directors interviewed are aware that BIM digital modeling facilitates project management exchanges among construction stakeholders, and 25% of them believe that it improves the quality of the building, while 21% said that it optimizes costs and construction time.

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