A word with Sylvie Ravalet - Delegate General Director Deputy CEO, CSTB

Sylvie Ravalet - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

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One lesson that we can learn collectively from the health crisis we have been living with for more than a year now is that the world is profoundly unstable. The things we take for granted can be disrupted and brought into question from one moment to the next.

As a public industrial and commercial institution serving its clients and the public interest, the CSTB must be robust in the face of such shocks and always available for its clients. One of the key objectives in the business plan outline that the CSTB adopted in the summer of 2019 is to boost our responsiveness and the Group's resilience.

Based on our ambition of "envisioning the buildings and cities of tomorrow by guiding and making safer sustainable construction and renovation projects to improve the quality of life of their users, while anticipating the eff ects of climate change" our business plan has six areas of focus broken down into sixteen action programs.

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