NF-certified windows exclusively on BFM TV and online, starting on March 7

The CSTB, the FCBA (French Technology Institute for Forestry, Cellulose, Wood Construction and Furniture) and the UFME (French Association of Exterior Door and Window Frame Manufacturers), are launching their communication campaign on NF-certified windows.

This 2016 campaign follows up on previous “NF Windows” communication campaigns, and will be rolled out online and on TV:

  • Broadcasting on the “BFM” TV channel, in two waves (March and September 2016),
  • Broadcasting of a video promoting the “Seven advantages of an NF window” available on the fenetres-nf.fr website and on the websites of NF-certified manufacturers,
  • Banner ads, specifically on websites for home decoration, DIY, home improvement, interior design and construction work.

130 commercials aired exclusively on BFM TV for five weeks in a row

Starting on March 7, for five weeks, BFM TV viewers will see the three commercials “NF, windows: nothing better in two letters”, designed to make homeowners, specifiers and tradesmen more aware of the advantages of NF-certified windows.

Thermal insulation, sound insulation and the impact on housing energy costs are the three main reasons why people change their windows. That is what these three 10-second commercials illustrate, with a couple who live in a home that seems comfortable, but that turns out to be subject to unpleasantness caused by insufficient insulation.

Thermal Insulation spot

Soundproofing spot

Energy Savings spot

Shown on fenetres-nf.fr and on the UFME, FCBA and CSTB websites, the three commercials can also be viewed on YouTube and shared on social media.

An educational video explaining the seven advantages of an NF-certified window

New in 2016: an educational video lasting about 2 minutes is broadcast on fenetres-nf.fr, the websites of the three partners and on the websites of NF-certified manufacturers. This video presents the added value of certified windows for the consumer, and the different tests to which the windows are subjected to obtain NF certification:

  • waterproofing
  • wind resistance
  • airtightness
  • thermal insulation
  • handling exertion
  • endurance
  • and sound reduction. Introduced by an actor playing the role of a TV news presenter, this video highlights the advantages of NF-certified windows in a dynamic and educational format.

A digital media campaign on a selection of sites devoted to the world of DIY and home improvement

Banner ads will be shown on targeted websites devoted to DIY and the world of home improvement, in two waves of seven weeks each.
In addition, a branding campaign will be deployed on the leading French interior design and decoration website, “Côté Maison”.

Fenetres-NF.fr is evolving

The website fenetres-nf is evolving, by adapting to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
For more information about NF-certified windows: fenetres-nf.fr.