The CSTB launches QB: a new certification mark serving quality in the construction industry

QB - Quality for Buildings

In order to simplify the landscape of certification in the construction industry and optimize the legibility of benchmarks for the quality, performance and reliability of products, services and contractors, the Scientific and Technical Center for Building - CSTB - is launching QB - Quality for Buildings.

This new certification mark will gradually replace the following marks: CSTBat, CSTBat Service, CSTB Certified, CSTB Competence and UPEC CSTB.

QB is a unifying mark, promoted through a broad communication campaign. It will leverage the know-how, tools and solutions developed by construction professionals, starting in 2015 in France, and internationally starting in 2016.

Issued by the CSTB, QB is simple and legible. As the unifying new certification mark, it will foster continuous quality improvement.

A certification with high added value, serving quality and stakeholders in the construction industry

QB retains the high level of quality and reliability of the marks it is replacing, in terms of the certification process, impartiality and requirements.

During the launch phase, the content of the standard for each application is maintained. Next, in the medium term, QB will integrate additional requirements stemming from the challenges raised by the energy and digital transitions:

  • Environmental data: the standards will include the obligation to submit Environmental Datasheets - FDE;
  • BIM: information concerning the certified data of products will be provided for integration into the digital model.

Developed in cooperation with the industry's trade organizations, manufacturers, users and specifiers, QB is now used by about 20 manufacturers of roof underlayments.

A gradual roll-out for international deployment

The scope of the QB mark will be broadened gradually, with international deployment in the course of 2016. First, it will be rolled out across Europe, then in the Mediterranean Basin, by business sector and depending on the needs expressed by the stakeholders, to enable them to achieve recognition of the quality of their export sales.

Developed internationally in this way, QB will help increase the global reach of French know-how in the construction industry.

A major communication campaign starting in 2015

This ramp-up of the brand will be supported by a broad communication campaign, organized in two phases:

  • Starting on October 26, 2015, communication in the media and via other channels will support the launch of the QB mark: a digital campaign starting on October 26 and throughout November, combined with a promotional event at the 2015 Mondial du Bâtiment trade fair, from November 2 to 5, with 50,000 “QB” bags handed out to the visitors of Hall 5a;
  • In 2016 and 2017, the communication campaign will continue with new actions aiming to establish the mark, both in France and internationally.

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