QB ramps up in 2016

After its launch in November 2015 and a promotional event at Batimat, the CSTB's new certification mark is ramping up in 2016 with an intense communication campaign, supported by a new slogan: “QB: One mark, a thousand qualities”. Discover it right away...

QB goes live starting on April 4: Lemoniteur.fr and Batiactu.com will relay the campaign until late May, every other week. A press campaign is launching in April in Le Moniteur, Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment, Bâtiment artisanal, Batisolation, 5 façades and Couverture et Plomberie; ads in other publications will follow all year long (the media plan is available at qb.cstb.fr).

The QB 2016 campaign is also being deployed in both general-interest and specialized construction media platforms. The targeted audiences represent the entire construction chain, from manufacturers to building contractors or installation companies, specifiers and project owners, through to merchants and insurance companies.

A communication kit is made available to clients and professional societies so that they can promote the QB mark on their own communication media or in connection with their events, i.e. on leaflets, kakemono, Web banners, stickers, posters, PowerPoint presentations, model items, etc.

The standards “Flexible roof underlayments”, “Built-up cladding, cladding with and without built-in insulation and roof trim”, “Special blocks for masonry”, “Adhesive assembly mortars for masonry” have already adopted the QB mark. About 30 other standards will switch to the QB mark before the end of 2016.

Learn more about QB: qb.cstb.fr