VSEs and SMEs: key players in the performance of buildings and the city of the future

Building-contractor and manufacturer VSEs/SMEs: what is their perception of innovation? The results of the survey conducted by the French Public Opinion Institute (IFOP) for the CSTB reveal that innovation plays a crucial role for 61% of VSEs and SMEs in the construction industry. The large majority of these companies integrate the industrial innovations and new processes available on the market. They also expect recommendations to help them put the innovations to good use on the construction site.
Discover all the findings of this survey, which demonstrates that VSEs and SMEs are keen drivers of innovation. This is a crucial challenge for the CSTB, which guides these professionals at every stage of their projects, from idea to market, to guarantee the quality, safety and performance of buildings.

Innovation in buildings, CSTB press release, November 2015

The first phase of the survey, “Innovation in VSEs and SMEs of the construction industry” was carried out by the IFOP for the CSTB in January 2015. See the results