Sylvia Pinel at the CSTB stand at Batimat 2015

Patrick Liébus, President of the CAPEB; Etienne Crépon, President of the CSTB; Sylvia Pinel, Minister for Housing, Regional Equality and Rural Affairs; Jacques Jessenne President AQC; Bruno Léchevin, President of ADEME

Tuesday, November 3, Sylvia Pinel, Minister for Housing, Regional Equality and Rural Affairs, inaugurated the Mondial du Bâtiment exhibition and visited the CSTB stand in the presence of Etienne Crépon, President of CSTB, Bruno Léchevin, President of the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), Patrick Liébus, President of the Confederation of Craftsmen and Small Builders, Jacques Chanut, President of the French Building Federation (FFB) and President of three national plans: PACTE (construction quality), PTNB (digital transition) and PRDA (asbestos R & D). An event focused on innovation and local guidance of VSEs/SMEs throughout the regions. The advances of the Ariane local advisory and support service, implemented by CSTB to guide VSEs/SMEs, and the National Support Network (RNA), deployed by the CSTB with its regional partners, were highlighted in the exchanges, followed by a look at Innovathèque. CSTB experts presented technology solutions that contribute to improving the quality of housing in terms of health and energy.

The CSTB: “Guiding force for VSEs/SMEs”

“Over 60% of respondents agree about the importance of innovation. This figure reaches 72% for companies under five years old.” Citing these results from the second IFOP-CSTB survey during her visit to Batimat, Sylvia Pinel stressed the importance of innovation to all stakeholders. Driver of modernization and attractiveness in the construction sector, innovation is not limited to large-scale projects. “Excellence must become the rule for all operations.”

Dedicated to supporting professionals in achieving innovation, the CSTB worked with its regional partners to develop the Ariane service and the RNA. Étienne Crépon shared with Sylvia Pinel the advances of this approach, which offers local advisory service to stakeholders on scientific and technical matters, setting up projects and funding. National Support Network (RNA) map

Improving the quality of housing

Major challenge to energy and ecological transition, the renovation of the existing housing stock aims to provide citizens with high-quality housing and living environments. Two technology solutions of the CSTB Innovathèque were presented to Sylvia Pinel.

Jean-Christophe Visier, director of Energy & Environment at the CSTB, discussed the deployment of REPERE, a method of measuring the actual energy performance of buildings. Currently implemented by the CSTB with the start-up Actility, REPERE enables the social housing provider Habitat Toulouse to know the energy gain achieved through the renovation of its housing stock.

Enric Robine, head of the CSTB Biological Agents and Air Contaminants division, talked about the advantages of the new fungal biodetector developed from CSTB research. This biodetector monitors the presence of fungi and dry rot in indoor air, from the time they begin to develop, thereby helping to protect health and prevent damage to buildings.

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PACTE: French plan of action for construction quality and energy transition. PTNB: Digital transition plan for construction. PRDA: Asbestos research and development plan.