Tests services

Determination of the water absorption of terra cotta masonry units when subjected to boiling water

Methods: NF EN 772-7

Products: Facade

Facade Coating
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LEPIR (Experimental local for real fire on two levels)

Products: Facade

Watertightness test

Methods: NF EN 12154, NF EN 12155

Products: Facade

Air permeability test

Methods: NF EN 12152, NF EN 12153

Products: Facade

Wind resistance test for VEA

Methods: Cahier CSTB 3574

Products: Facade, External structural glazing (VEA)

Curtain walling tests

Methods: NF EN 13830

Products: Facade

Wind resistance tests

Methods: NF EN 12179, NF EN 13116

Products: Facade

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L.E.P.I.R. 2 (Experimental local for real fire on two levels)

Products: Facade, Material

Seismic on cladding / facade

Methods: cahier CSTB 3725

Products: Cladding, Facade, External structural glazing (VEA)

Mecanical study and tries
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