The new environmental and regulatory challenges as well the depletion of raw materials, production costs associated with rising energy prices and procurement difficulties are forcing stakeholders in the construction industry to review their economic and industrial models and strengthen the eco-design of their products, materials and equipment.

To assist them in approaching these new challenges in the best way possible, CSTB has developed Ecoscale, an environmental circularity assessment tool, that allows you to:

  • Enhance the value of your performance and assert its resource circularization strategy through a robust and independent assessment
  • Anticipate changes in regulations and standards
  • Encourage the prescription of your products with committed project managers
  • Benefit from CSTB support all throughout their environmental processes: FDES and PEP environmental and sanitary declarations, support for innovation and eco-design
  • Have reliable and complete information available on the circularity of construction products and equipment in order to optimise your design choices.

Discover CSTB's environmental circularity assessment tool

Ecoscale: 4 indicators developed by CSTB

Ecoscale permet de caractériser les produits de construction selon quatre indicateurs qui couvrent la totalité de leur cycle de vie :

Recycled and renewable material
Recycled and renewable material
Assessment of the amount of recycled and renewable materials in the product.
Whether the product can be dismantled without damaging it, making it easier to reuse or recycle.
Whether the product can be used again after its initial use, for the same use that it was designed for.
Whether the product can be effectively recycled at the end of its useful life.

The assessment of these indicators is the result of several years of R&D and is underpinned by the analysis of 17 criteria that cover the various dimensions of circularity.

Access the database associated with Ecoscale

This database is compiled from product assessments from the industry, and also typical products. Typical products cover all the uses, fastening systems and materials by product family. Their purpose is to represent the diversity of the construction systems, independently from affiliation with a manufacturer.

How can you benefit from Ecoscale?

To find out if your product is eligible for Ecoscale assessment, read the "Eligibility conditions" document.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to have your product assessed, contact us at the following email address: ecoscale@cstb.fr