To improve support to manufacturers, including SMEs, in their approach to product certification, the CSTB launched a new service in November 2016: TREMPLIN.

The TREMPLIN service is intended for manufacturers prior to their first application for product certification, to help them move forward, step by step. It consists of verification by the CSTB of the measures implemented by the manufacturer for product quality. The measures are defined case by case for each product area.

TREMPLIN certificates issued by the CSTB are valid for one year and are not renewable. They enable a manufacturer to launch a certification procedure more easily. TREMPLIN certificates will be available for consultation on this website.

The first product area covered is windows. The TREMPLIN service will soon be extended to other products and systems, with adaptations to the specific area.

TREMPLIN for windows

The first product area covered by TREMPLIN is windows, under the NF 220 certification.

TREMPLIN FENÊTRES is intended for VSEs manufacturing fewer than 300 windows a month (TREMPLIN A), holders of NF 220 certification in product range transition (TREMPLIN B), and holders of NF 220 certification having reached the minimum level of certified products and who would like to promote their quality systems for uncertified windows (TREMPLIN C).


TREMPLIN A is mainly intended for VSEs manufacturing fewer than 300 windows a month based on a range covered by a Technical Application Document (DTA).

This service supports companies at various stages, enabling eventual certification of their products.
Stage 1 (TREMPLIN A1): verification of the production unit management system implemented by the manufacturer for production at its plant.
Stage 2 (TREMPLIN A2): verification of compliance of product design, assembly and sizing, with the DTA.

The company then submits an NF 220 certification request, which includes a verification of the finished product leaving the plant.


TREMPLIN B is for holders of NF 220 certification entering a period of manufacturing transition (upgrade or change of product range).

Obtaining a TREMPLIN B certificate enables manufacturers in product range transition (between the end of production of a range and the launch of a new range) to promote the product quality measures implemented for their production lines. This certificate is valid for one year, the time needed to receive certification of the new product range.


TREMPLIN C is for holders of NF 220 certification having reached the minimum percentage of certified products set forth in the NF 220 reference system ( between 70 and 90% ).

TREMPLIN C is for products which could not previously be promoted, such as complex, made-to-measure windows manufactured in small quantities. With the new service, it will be possible to obtain a TREMPLIN certificate indicating that the windows are covered by a product quality procedure.