Since December 1rst 2022, CSTB has closed the Environmental Technical Verification (ETV) program after the withdrawal of the EU funding.

You may now request a technical assessment of an innovation by applying for either a Technical Experimentation Assessment (ATEx) or a Technical Appraisal (ATec).

Are you a developer of an eco-innovation? Are you a VSE or an SME? Do you want to gain the trust of buyers and decision-makers and enter new markets around the world? The ETV, issued by the CSTB, a Verification Body, provides credible evidence of your innovation’s environmental performance and reduces the technological risks for buyers. This service, which is international in scope, supports the development of your solution for the French and global markets.

The ETV procedure

The ETV is a voluntary procedure initiated by vendors of innovative green technologies.
The ETV is a third-party assessment that provides objective, reliable evidence on the environmental performance of green technologies released to the market.

It is internationally recognized and can be issued by national organizations qualified by the public authorities in their country. In France, the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) has referenced the CSTB as verification organism for green technologies, to substantiate their performance levels and publish the corresponding reports on its own website and on the ETV website.
As a Verification Body, the CSTB offers ETV services in the treatment and monitoring of water and air and in energy production technologies:

  • Air monitoring and treatment
    Monitoring and reduction of air pollution
  • Water monitoring and treatment
    Monitoring of water quality, treatment of drinking water and wastewater, etc.
  • Energy production technologies
    Renewable energy, energy from waste, energy efficiency technologies, etc.

Advantages for system designers

  • The ETV is a verification procedure with an international scope.
  • The ETV will help you reach international customers by demonstrating that your product offers the expected performance levels corresponding to the targeted markets.
  • The ETV provides information on the performance levels of new technologies arriving on markets, in order to differentiate from competing products.
  • The ETV helps convince investors of the potential of new activities and investments.

How it works

The CSTB guides innovators through all the phases of the evaluation:

  • Pre-evaluation phase, to verify the eligibility of the technology: does the ETV match the objectives of your company?
  • Proposal phase to take an inventory of the documents to be provided: are the tests that have already been conducted admissible and sufficient? What are the environmental claims made by the innovator?
  • Protocol preparation phase for each innovation, to define the verification parameters and evaluate the available data. Are additional tests needed?
  • Testing phase if necessary.
  • Evaluation and verification phase of the data provided, resulting in a report drafted by the CSTB.
  • Publication phase on the website evaluation.cstb.fr to highlight the green technology and its environmental performance levels.
How ETV works

Requesting an ETV


The ETV procedure is eligible for the innovation aid programs of the ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), which is in charge of administering this program in France. Price: from €22,000 excl. VAT


Contact us so we can help you define your ETV: etv@cstb.fr

Find out more:

ETV reports published online

Find all the ETV reports on the CSTB website: evaluation.cstb.fr and on the ETV website: verification-etv.fr

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