The CSTB's testing services assess the properties, characteristics and behavior of materials, products and components based on submitted samples, according to an established testing process in the given field: durability, mechanical, acoustic, thermal, environmental, optical performance, health protection, airflow, reaction and resistance to fire, chemical resistance.

To conduct these tests, the CSTB has a wide array of sophisticated equipment and advanced skills in many areas to meet the expectations of industrial companies in the construction business who want to have their materials, products and systems assessed.

Each test is performed according to a reference system that may be based on:

  • French, European or international test standards;
  • technical guidelines established by the EOTA or the UEAtc;
  • regulatory texts;
  • or specifications established in cooperation with the client.

Test results are presented in a Test Report which may be used to obtain a classification report, a technological assessment or product certification, for example.

The competencies of CSTB laboratories are recognized through accreditations issued by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC) in accordance with the NF EN ISO 17025 standard.

Accreditation numbers: 1-0300, 1-0301, 1-0302, 1-0304, 1-0305, 1-2122 and 1-1542 for testing. The list of sites and scope of accreditation can be consulted at www.cofrac.fr.