As of September 1, 2017, the Pass’Innovation assessment procedure will no longer be available.

You may now request a technical assessment of an innovation by applying for either a Technical Experimentation Assessment (ATEx) or a Technical Appraisal (ATec).

Pass'Innovation fast-track assessments are a technical assessment procedure. This assessment procedure mainly concerns techniques that have already obtained some positive feedback or a favorable fitness-for-purpose assessment from another country.

Mandatory or voluntary assessment?

Applying for a Pass'Innovation (fast-track assessment) is a voluntary procedure.


Pass'Innovation fast-track assessments are carried out in three stages:

  • defining the system;
  • analyzing the fitness for purpose,
  • the final report; depending on the areas of application, the final report provides a summary of the advantages and risks associated with the system.

The final report concludes with either:

Green light

The risk is very limited and may be controlled by recommendations on use and/or monitoring.
The product or system is considered ready for use. Where applicable, the Technical Appraisal procedure is initiated simultaneously. During the two years following the final report, the client commits to provide the CSTB with feedback regarding every project that uses the system, in accordance with the instructions stipulated in the report. A summary of the final report is posted on the CSTB's website.

Yellow light

There is potential risk.
The applicability of the product or system must be checked in a pilot project, for example through a Type “b” ATEx.

Red light

The risk is not controlled; the technique is not ready “as is”.
The diagnosis is accompanied by an analysis of the product's shortcomings and, where relevant, actions that may be taken to correct them.

Products and systems with a “green” Pass'Innovation are recognized as standard techniques by insurance companies.

Products and systems that already have a Technical Appraisal or an ATEx are not eligible for a Pass'Innovation.

Price, processing period and validity of the Pass'Innovation (fast-track assessment)

Price of the Pass'Innovation: between €8,000 and €13,500 excl. VAT depending on the complexity of the product (price as of January 1, 2013).

Processing period: report issued between 6 and 12 months after acceptance of the price quote and submission of the product presentation file.

The Pass'Innovation is only issued once for a two-year period. Feedback must be provided during this period, with the possibility of more in-depth analysis.