Regulatory services

Building industry stakeholders must implement protective measures that reduce or contain the effects of fire. The regulations apply to all construction work, whether involving creation, development or modification of buildings. They also apply to all phases of the “life” of premises: from design to construction and use.
The CSTB, a body approved by the French Interior Ministry, supports construction stakeholders (public and private clients, owners, operators, specifiers, industrial companies and businesses) in providing building fire protection.

  • Regulatory Assessments are tools available to construction stakeholders for proper application of regulations on fire safety.
  • Fire regulations allow for the use of alternative solutions to those prescribed in regulations, as long as equivalent outcomes are achieved. Regulatory flexibility promotes architectural creativity and engineering innovation.

Regulatory Assessments

Regulatory flexibility

Vulcain fire test facility

To characterize the fire behavior of materials and components in construction works, the CSTB performs tests at its Vulcain facility. It centralizes fire resistance and reaction-to-fire laboratories approved by the Interior Ministry (amended order of February 5, 1959) and special facilities. Vulcain enables the CSTB to support stakeholders in improving fire safety in construction works through Cofrac No. 1-0301 standardized and accredited testing (scope available on www.cofrac.fr). It also performs customized testing for research, consulting and fire safety engineering studies.

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