The CSTB & you

The CSTB and the UEAtc

Within the UEAtc (European Union for technical approval in construction), a network of European technical institutes, the CSTB contributes to the effort to harmonize the procedures for proving the performance of building works. This facilitates the free movement of products across the European Economic Area.

The CSTB also participates on a case-by-case basis in the coproduction of Technical Appraisals with its European partners.

As part of this activity, the CSTB has created partnerships with other European assessment institutes (DIBt in Germany, BBA and BRE in Great Britain, UBAtc/BCCA in Belgium). They collaborate on harmonizing their different operational assessment procedures, particularly the reference systems, and on obtaining mutual recognition of approvals.


As a member of the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations (WFTAO), the CSTB works to facilitate the transfer of products from the national to the global market by promoting the recognition of technical assessments between WFTAO members for innovative and non-standard building products and processes.

The CSTB has thus developed close relationships with international assessment bodies like the ICC Evaluation Service in the United States, ASA in South Africa, the NRC/CCMC in Canada, CertMark International in Australia and BJC in Japan.

Example of support for exporters

Since 2005, the ICC Evaluation Service has issued a large number of reports for the American fixing systems market, based on the work of the CSTB: test reports and assessment reports based on ICC Evaluation Service Acceptance Criteria. American standards (ACI) have been aligned with European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG). The CSTB publishes test reports in English and expresses the results in International System of Units (SI), as well as non SI.

For further information, contact Jérôme Janin, Marketing and International Affairs Director