The ATT was created at the request of professionals who wanted third-party technical assessments for systems that are no longer eligible for the Technical Appraisal procedure because they have been classified as traditional techniques by the Commission Responsible for Issuing Technical Appraisals (CCFAT) and do not yet have the reference documents required for rollout as traditional techniques.

As an interim arrangement, the ATT no longer applies once the reference documents for the system concerned are issued. The objective is to enable stakeholders to continue using systems under good operating conditions during the transitional period, with a level of reliability equivalent to that of a Technical Appraisal.

ATT on the Web

ATTs are published.

Mandatory or voluntary assessment?

Requesting an ATT is voluntary.

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Systems eligible for ATTs

A construction system and its corresponding usage qualify for the ATT procedure if the two following conditions are met:

  • It is not eligible for the Technical Appraisal procedure either because the CCFAT decided the system/usage was no longer within the scope of the Technical Appraisal procedure, or the CCFAT decided not to include it in the list eligible for the Technical Appraisal procedure.
  • At least one of the three following reference documents is not available:
    • French or European product standards for the performance of products relating to the building system
    • French or European design standard necessary for sizing the construction works, given the use of the system
    • Unified Codes of Practice (DTU) (or recognized French or European equivalent reference document) necessary for undertaking construction works, given the use of the system.

ATT application procedure

The ATT procedure is an assessment of fitness for use at the request of the industrial operator wishing to use the system. An ATT is issued based on the file submitted.

The requester must submit the following to the CSTB as part of its ATT request:

  • Full technical description of the system/usage
  • List of reference documents under development concerning the system/usage
  • Construction project references and any accidents or malfunctions noted

The CSTB decides whether the request is eligible for an ATT procedure.

If the request is eligible, the CSTB sends the requester the list of criteria for assessment of the system. Based on the list, the requester sends the technical file to the CSTB.

After examination of the technical file, the CSTB establishes the ATT, which provides the list of assessment criteria, indicates whether the criteria are met and specifies the accepted area of application.

Price, processing time and validity of the ATT

The price is set on a case-by-case basis depending on the system.

The ATT is issued within three months after receipt of the technical file.

The validity of the ATT is set case by case depending on the system and expected completion of the missing reference documents for the system.