For the uninitiated, the requirements in product/service certification reference systems may appear complex.

To promote understanding and to facilitate access to certification requirements, the CSTB is now posting online “Factsheets”.

The objective of the “Factsheets” is twofold:

  • highlight the added value of the product and/or service certifications offered by the CSTB;
  • provide specifiers with the data they need to include in their call for bids (the factsheets may be downloaded as PDFs).

Each factsheet presents in a single page:

  • the certified characteristics;
  • the methods of assessment for admission and monitoring (audit and/or test, frequency, etc.).

QB32 - Ceramic tiles for floor coverings

NF406 - Water treatment appliances

QB30 - Resilient floor coverings

NF045 - Antipollution of water installations

QB02-03 - Hollow core slabs

QB02-04 - Linear structural elements made of concrete

QB02-01 - Prestressed concrete beams

NF016 - Cast-iron piping for sewerage and drainage

NF121 - Stone piping

NF411 - Metal framing components for gypsum board

NF126 - PVC window profiles

NF057 - Bitumen shingles

QB19 - Pre-insulated systems

QB11-01 - Adhesives for tiles

QB11-02 - Floor finishes

QB13 - Block slabs or grooved plates for floor heating and cooling systems

QB14 - Thin soundproofing underlayers

NF116 - Acrylic sheets

NF017 - Sanitary appliances

NF412 - External doors made of PVC, aluminium, steel and composites

NF421 - Garage doors - individual housing

NF076 - Sanitary components

NF240 - Toilet seats

QB11-03 - Single-layer plaster mortars

QB16 - Adhesives for thermoplastic piping

QB08 - Water supply or drainage piping

QB10 - Hose fittings

NF197 - Valves - Hydraulic fountain fittings

QB11-04 - Thin layer mortars for small masonry units

QB04 - Windows for sloping roofs

QB31 - Textile floor coverings

QB27 - Strips of tufted and woven carpet

QB26 - Laminate floor covering systems

NF390 - Plastics piping systems for renovation of drainage and sewerage networks

NF077 - Sanitary tapware

QB06 - System for the treatment of joints between panels in wall/ceiling structures

NF442 - Thermoplastic material drain or sewer system operating without pressure

NF055 - Rigid non-plasticized PVC pipes and fittings

NF384 - Hollow core slabs made of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete

QB11-05 - Water protection systems under tiles

QB02-02 - Pre-slabs

QB36 - Flexible Materials

NF079 - Control valves and safety valves

NF081 - Gypsum boards

QB44 - Steel reinforcements for window products

QB42 - Sandwich panels

NF548 - Composite walls with or without insulation and sandwich walls

QB34 - Vinyl compounds and their manufacture for PVC window profiles

QB33-01 - Covering products (lacquers and laminating foils)

QB33-02 - Covered profiles (lacquered profiles and laminated profiles)

QB35 - Ventilated Hips and Ridges

QB49 - Aluminium profiles with thermal barrier

QB48 - Windows installation service

QB23 - Insulating material made of in situ sprayed polyurethane

NF249 - Fibre-cement profiled sheets

QB24 - Water network in the building

QB22 - Water treatment in the building

QB43 - Support Pedestal

QB51 - Polycarbonate Materials System

QB25 - Flexible underlays for discontinuous roofing

QB15 - Built-up cladding products, vetures, cladding products and soffit products

NF220P - PVC windows and window sets

NF220A - Aluminium windows and window sets with thermal barrier

QB09 - Sewerage

QB07 - Masonry walls and related masonry units

QB50 - Ceramic tiles for wall coverings

QB46 - Fluids screeds

QB52 - Gypsum board partition systems

QB53 - Modules

QB54 - Build-up cladding system

NF547 - Expanded polystyrene-based blocks for formwork and lightweight blocks for simple formwork

QB12 - Glass fibre meshes for façade renderings

NF202 - Shutters and blinds

QB03 - steel and steel-concrete composite structures