Ethics at the CSTB

As part of its constant commitment to greater transparency, the CSTB has implemented an ethical responsibility system. It includes, among other things, an external business ethics committee and a charter that reflects CSTB commitments. As an industrial and commercial public body, the CSTB strives to reconcile the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainable development with respect to the expectations of the various stakeholders in order to serve the public interest.

The CSTB pursues an approach to progress based on strong values, including continuous improvement and the satisfaction of clients, staff, supervisory authorities and partners. Its strategy and operational objectives are set out in the 2014-2017 Objectives and Performance Contract, signed with the French state. Furthermore, the CSTB describes in its ethics charter the common principles underlying its rules of conduct. It has also set up a business ethics committee consisting of six independent members. The purpose of the committee is to guide and support the CSTB in ensuring full compliance with its stated commitments of guaranteeing ethical behavior and preventing conflicts of interest. Convened for the first time on April 14, the committee will prepare an annual report on its work for submission to the CSTB Board. Any individual or legal entity directly involved may refer a matter to the committee (an e-mail address will soon be available for this purpose).