The NF mark certifies compliance of products with applicable national, European and international normative documents or with the conditions specified in normative documents referred to in certification reference systems.

For the development of the NF mark for construction products, AFNOR Certification commissioned the CSTB to perform all certification operations as a certification body, from the development of certification reference documents to the issuance of certificates and monitoring of certificate holders.

As the coordinator of the NF mark, AFNOR Certification determines the terms of use for the mark, which are described in the "Certification Rules for the Mark".

The CSTB works as a certification body authorized to determine the conditions under which the NF mark is issued to applicants, maintained by holders, suspended or withdrawn. These terms are described in the certification reference documents.

Products assessed

Reference Name Certification mark
NF016 Cast-iron piping for sewerage and drainage NF
NF017 Sanitary appliances NF
NF045 Antipollution of water installations NF
NF055 Rigid non-plasticized PVC pipes and fittings NF
NF057 Bitumen shingles NF
NF076 Sanitary components NF
NF077 Sanitary tapware NF
NF079 Control valves and safety valves NF
NF081 Gypsum boards NF
NF116 Acrylic sheets NF
NF121 Stone piping NF
NF126 PVC window profiles NF
NF197 Valves - Hydraulic fountain fittings NF
NF202 Shutters and blinds NF
NF220A Aluminium windows and window sets with thermal barrier NF - Certifié CSTB Certified - Acotherm
NF220P PVC windows and window sets NF - Certifié CSTB Certified - Acotherm
NF240 Toilet seats NF
NF249 Fibre-cement profiled sheets NF
NF384 Hollow core slabs made of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete NF
NF390 Plastics piping systems for renovation of drainage and sewerage networks NF
NF406 Water treatment appliances NF
NF411 Metal framing components for gypsum board NF
NF412 External doors made of PVC, aluminium, steel and composites NF - Acotherm
NF421 Garage doors - individual housing NF
NF442 Thermoplastic material drain or sewer system operating without pressure NF
NF547 Expanded polystyrene-based blocks for formwork and lightweight blocks for simple formwork NF
NF548 Composite walls with or without insulation and sandwich walls NF